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Hi, I’m Paul, welcome to my Best Tent and Tent Reviews website! If you’re shopping around for a new tent and looking for some recommendations, you have certainly ‘hiked’ to the right place.

Below are some compilation of reviews on outdoor tents and best camping tents, plus handy guides and tips on buying a tent. Considering I’m a camping enthusiast, I’m usually on the lookout for the best tent which will enhance my overall hiking trips. Feel free to ‘hike’ around!
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How to Pick the Best Tent

At first sight, most tents look the same. However, the size and the shape of tents differ greatly which in turn determines the types of tent. Of course, they vary in prices and quality as well.

Types of Tent

Before you even decide on your budget, you must understand the 7 different types of tent below:

  • Traditional A-Frame Tents – more traditional, lighter but lack of head room
  • Modified A-Frame Tents – popular for full-coverage rain flies, more stable but not really used in hiking trips
  • Avian Tents – for temporary shelter only
  • Dome Tents – most popular now, suitable for all seasons but lack of usable space
  • Wedge Tents – extremely light and usually durable
  • Hoop Tents – more surface ground area and stable due to reliable curved hoops
  • Pyramid Tents – only need one pole but lack of space area

To read about these 7 different types of tent in detail and figure out which tent is the one that you need, read my guide here.

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the type of tent you want to get, don’t rush out the door yet! It’s best to have in mind a couple of pointers before you start looking at the tents. This will not only save you time but also the frustration of too many choices!

  • Firstly, are you planning on camping on low, medium or hilly ground?
  • Then, decide on what you want to place emphasis on – is it durability or weight or quick set up? Remember, if you have to get extra stakes, they are also added weight to your overall tent set.
  • ‘Try’ out the tent

Then look at

  • Reliable fly
  • Roomy Vestibule (e.g. storage)
  • Types of Pole
  • Big Bag (for storing the tent)
  • Budget
  • Ventilation

To understand more on these, click here to read my guide post.

My Tent Reviews and Top Picks

Different tents and different brands cater for various needs. So, I’ve picked 6 different tents which I believe are the best in their respective categories and have reviewed them.

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best tent reviews

Other Tips for Buying Tents

Having a few handy tips just for you:

  • Get a bigger tent than what you need
  • Extra tent for kids
  • Look out for pre-shaped poles
  • Keep an eye out for waterproof fabric
  • Look out for durable fabric
  • Get a color-catching tent
  • Check the weight of the tent
  • Check the contents
  • Double check the seams
  • Practice setting up the tent
  • Bring a bar of soap
  • Don’t use insect repellent or oil on the tent
  • Have a repair kit at hand
  • Shake out debris if you’re camping for long

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Hiking and camping is a wonderful experience if you have all the necessary tools at hand, and with the best family tent you will have fun with your family! Read more of my tent reviews here in my blog. I hope you find the best tent that is most suited for you!