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  • Published: Jun 25th, 2012
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Baked Eggs Napoleon go updated retro

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Eggs NapoleonThen there are the days when it’s questionable whether I know how to cook. As a result, this post may have some NSFW moments. Click cautiously.

Run Hundred‘s top workout songs for June included the Men in Black 3¬†theme, “Back in Time,” which is working extremely well for me as a summer confection that I enjoy on the radio now but won’t remember by Thanksgiving. This seemed to call for a 1960s recipe, updated. Since the song is a mish-mash mash-up, I wanted a casserole.

After enough tiptoeing around the web that I was really, really hungry, I realized that Nibble Me This’ baked eggs Napoleon (recipe), which I’d Pinned as a recipe to try, had the right 1960s feel of haute cuisine¬†fanciness laminated onto simple pantry ingredients. Plus, it would easily lend itself to modifications. So preheat the oven… no, wait, the oven preheating thing causes an unstable time loop… Read the rest of this entry »

  • Published: Apr 12th, 2011
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Moroccan Chicken brings slinky thrills


Moroccan Lemon ChickenCee Lo Green wrote an entire album to go with that song in which he gives his former lover and her new swain the middle finger.

Who knew?

The Lady Killer (some excerpts are here) is musically scintillating and lyrically bizarre. Listening to it brought on an inexplicable craving for Moroccan chicken — the sort that would be tagine chicken if one had a tagine, but one doesn’t. (It turns out that a tagine is a clay pot, not a citrus fruit. Life is full of these shocks to the system.) Read the rest of this entry »

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