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Back to the future of baked goods

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future of cupcakes Here is the future of muffins. It’s so hot and steamy it might be considered a studmuffin.

This started as a recipe for microwave chocolate cupcakes in a tea cup and ended as a lemon-cornmeal-blueberry muffin. For people like me who live with no other human companions, this is a nifty way to make a single serving of cake in about five minutes. Or, if you’re knee-deep in children, it’s a manageable manner for letting each of them make his or her own snack in a custom flavor without little fingers getting burned.

The only possible musical accompaniment for the retro-1980s idea of microwave baking is I Fight Dragons, another @IScream4Indie find. Pay close attention to the first track, “Power Up.” Does anything sound familiar? Read the rest of this entry »

The carrot pancakes and the indie schtick

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Promise, threat, or phallic symbol?

My adventures with chicken cordon bleu pasta left me in the mood to gnaw raw cucumbers or maybe suck on frozen pre-cooked shrimp, so it’s taken me a couple days to haul myself back into the kitchen. For the occasion, I picked three random bands from @iScream4Indie‘s daily tweets, on the theory that “indie” has almost as many letters as “random,” and both have the “n” in common.
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