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Carrot muffins: vegetable ambivalence meets musical ambivalence


carrot muffins!Some time in my tussles with flu, I came down with a horrendous craving for carrot muffins. Ordinarily, I regard carrots with the suspicious sideway glance of a vegetable-disliker who will grant that at least a carrot is not a rutabaga or a brussels sprout.

A match made in heaven for these carrot muffins is The Walla Recovery (listen), which wraps a moderately aggressive Christian message in a compelling bluegrass-pop blend. Now, for ideological reasons, I’m not going to start collecting Contemporary Christian music (at the other end of the spectrum, there are hip hoppers and metal bands who go far enough with misogyny that I won’t encourage them, either). I’m going to ignore some violations of my personal “don’t tell me what to do about Jesus” rule in order to chatter about how the band does what it does; but I also have some rampant hobbyist curiosity about why CCM has become the fastest-growing radio format and about how musical movements disperse through popular formats. Read the rest of this entry »

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